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Giving Back


We are giving back up to 30% to the ‚Äč FAMD

Every time you book with us you should feel satisfied that you are helping us give back.  We as a family have been volunteers at our local animal shelter, FAMD for around 5 years and this is our way again to help give back.  In 2020 we were unable to volunteer like we normally do so we decided to help raise money another way.  We put a table out in front of our house during the last 2 weeks of the Month of October.   We have a large Halloween display that gets a lot of attention so we thought " Why Not let's see what happens"  To our surprise we ended up raising $1700.  So when Christmas came along we thought let's try it again and have "Adopt a Christmas Tree"  We had businesses in the area adopt a tree ( we had 8 to offer)  and then anyone else who wanted to donate money or food we had a box and table in front also.  We ended up raising $855.

So this is again, our way of trying to find ways to help.

We own time shares that allows us to travel to 24 states and even more cities. I am sure we can find something for you.  The specials that we have are the ones we have already booked but that doesn't mean more in other areas or different dates aren't available.  The weekends are more expensive that is why we like to book for the weekdays so just email us with your dates and locations and we will see what we can do.

We are going to do our best to keep the prices competitive and remember these are resorts and Hotels!