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Hi! My name is Christine and my husband's name is Ray and we are looking for ways to help donate to our local Animal shelter as well as selling our timeshare points to people.  

We have owned our cleaning company for about 15 years now and help with volunteering at the the Friends for Animals of Detroit whenever we can. They operate the Animal Services Center and MaryAnn Wright Animal Adoption and Education Center in Dearborn, Michigan.

Since the Pandemic a lot of changes have been made with us and everyone. We don't have to time to actually volunteer due to the lack of help and we don't have the time to travel as often as we would like.

Since we are Super Host on Airbnb we decided to try and sell our points on our own instead and donate the money to the Animal shelter instead. These are timeshares  at resorts with full kitchens, and plenty of activities for the whole family to enjoy.

While doing that we decided what a good idea would be is to donate most of the profits to the animal shelter.  We decided to donate up to 30% and the Animal shelter is helping us promote this as well. 

We have adopted many animals throughout the years (above pics) and we couldn't think of a better way to help our community and give back.  If you haven't read "giving back"  you will see we have raised over $2500 last year for the Animal shelter. We did this by putting a donation box out because we get a lot of people driving by to see our Halloween and Christmas displays.  So we thought why not .... (above pictures of our displays) and we were thrilled to see all the animal lovers out there with BIG hearts. 

I am not a web designer, a writer or have much experience in social media. So I am trying to make this as clear as I can to get the point across.  

You won't be disappointed with the resorts I can tell you that. And they may try to sell points to you and you will see my cost are way cheaper because we got these points passed down.  In the end you will not only be having a fun vacation get away but you will be helping our furry friends in the end.